Planning a Trip?

When searching and comparing accommodation options on GoSeeAustralia, it’s easy to forget where you saw that perfect powered site or that dream beachside villa.

So to help you track your favourite listings, we’ve added the Wish List feature. The Wish List not only helps you narrow down your options to find that one, perfect holiday spot, but is also a great tool for planning your holiday.

By using the Wish List feature you can begin fleshing out the details of your trip plan: the complete list of places you plan to visit, stay, and explore on your road touring adventure.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Begin by entering your first stop in the search bar.

screenshot of homepage showing accommodation in townsville search

Either type where you want to go in the search bar or start by choosing the state you are travelling in.

Let’s say you want to start by spending a few nights near Townsville before heading up the Coast to Cairns. In this example, you would type ‘Accommodation in Townsville’ into the search bar to see all of the available listings.

Step 2: When you’ve found one you like the look of, click on the listing to be taken to the enquiries page.

Screenshot showing the Wish List icon on the enquiries page

Step 3: Before leaving the page or making an enquiry with the business, make sure you click the little heart symbol in the top right corner of the image gallery. This will save the listing to your wish list, making it easy to return to later when building your trip plan.

Step 4: Then, simply rinse and repeat for your next destination. When you return to your Wish List, you’ll see all of your favourite listings including a photo, prices, a brief description of what they offer, and of course, their locations.

Screenshot of the Wish list feature on GoSeeAustralia 1

Now all you need to do is contact each business to book your stay before you hit the road.

There you have it! By tracking your favourite accommodation listings with the Wish List feature, it’s easy to start planning the perfect holiday, custom-built by you on

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