Australia's Adventure Drive Savannah Way touring options are open

July 08, 2014
Australia's Adventure Drive Savannah Way touring options are open

The Savannah Way andconnecting routes are open and welcoming travellers. You can explore sealed and unsealed section of the route, and many unsealed roads have been recently graded so it is a great time to be on Australia's Adventure Drive Savannah Way News reports today

The Savannah Way is Australia's Adventure Drive, linking Cairns in Tropical North Queensland with the historic pearling town of Broome in Western Australia's Kimberley, via the natural wonders of Australia's tropical savannahs and the Northern Territory's Top End.

The 3700 kilometre route links 15 National Parks and five World Heritage areas. You can explore just a section or cross the continent enjoying its wide horizons, ancient gorges and abundant wildlife, connecting with Aboriginal and pioneer heritage in today's friendly outback.

NT Heartbreak Hotel demands respect
You have got to love the Heartbreak Hotel and Caravan Park near Borroloola particularly as The Lost City is just down the road. As the address is authentic Oz, Cnr Carpentaria and Tablelands Highway, Cape Crawford, Northern Territory whats not to love?

So it is only 106km south-west of Borroloola. In NT terms thats near.

But it takes special people to love this hotel. The Heartbreak is a Northern Territory icon. It does not ask for, it demands respect. Fall short and the hotel will break heart and will. So dont mess with this frontier experience.

A steady flow of caravanners, fishermen, tourist, backpackers, ringers and miners spend time at the Heartbreak. It is a roadhouse, it has motel style accommodation, a restaurant, a Dinki Di Outback bar, a beer garden with its own pool andof course a Caravan Park and Camping area.

Tour buses are always welcomed and accommodated.

Over the last 11 years the new beer garden with a swimming pool has been built. Four new luxury cabins have been started to compliment the Heartbreaks standard hotel rooms.

Mate it just gets better. It has been about 10,000 years since Cape Crawford saw the sea.

Hit the frog and toad from Darwin and the Hotel is 275km East of The Daly Waters Highway Inn. At Highway Inn turn off the Stuart Highway and head down the Carpentaria Highway towards the hotel which is on the corner of the Carpentaria and Tablelands Highways.

From Barkley Homestead travel up the end of the Tablelands Highway 375km.Heading West down the Carpentaria Highwaythe hotel is110km from Borroloola.

Cape Crawfordis one of the most magnificent wilderness eco areas ever designed by Mother Nature. The hotel is perfectly positioned to capture spectacular views of the landscape. A remarkably civilized place amidst absolute wilderness.

There are 30 hotel rooms, four amenities blocks on site, all with hot showers and toilets which are signed Mangoes or No Mangoes. There are 44 Powered sites in operation, all with taps nearby for clear drinking water. Enjoy the green lawns and park under the shade from one of the many trees to be found in the caravan site.

There are heaps of spots to put tents down for the night and an endless sky of stars at night.

Heartbreak does not allot slots on the powered sites, so early arrivals get greater choice.

Heartbreak Hotel has helicopter flights to the Lost City, and it takes around 10 minutes to reach the columns, flying over the Abner Ranges on the way.
Prices at Heartbreak Hotel
Powered Site - $28 for 2 people
Un-Powered Site - $10 per person
Triple Room - $100
TwinRoom with fridge $90
Single Room with fridge $75
Arrival Departure
Caravans can arrive and leave any time of day.
Hotel guests can book in from 12pm and book out at 10am.

Take some time to plan your trip on The Savannah Way for the best experience possible.

Please remember that The Savannah Way is home to many people as well as a rich diversity of wildlife:

* Don't leave rubbish behind - even pick some up if you can.

* Please protect waterways - no soap or toileting within 100 metres.

* Think fire safety - extinguish campfires.

* Try to minimise firewood use, especially live or hollow logs that may be animal homes. Don't take too many fish - some areas and species are under pressure.

Please respect private land and leave gates as you found them.

To check road conditions or for assistance while travelling along the Savannah Way contact the following:

* Queensland Road Conditions 1300 130 595 or

* Queensland Government Road Conditions 13 19 40 or

* Northern Territory Road Conditions 1800 246 199 or

* Western Australia Road Conditions 1800 013 314 or

* Burke Shire Road Report

* Carpentaria Shire Road Report

* Etheridge Shire Road Report

* Roadside Assistance For Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia - Phone 13 11 11

* Or phone local Police, Council Offices or tourism operators.

Typical campers Savannah Way.
Typical campers Savannah Way.

While driving in Northern Australia offers a unique experience, it also presents unique driving conditions that should be considered:

* Road conditions regularly vary from multi-lane bitumen and single lane bitumen to gravel and dirt. Some unsealed creek crossings take months to recover from a big wet. Be careful of soft edges and narrow roads.

* On unsealed roads fine dust can conceal deep potholes and reduce visibility, so slow down and keep your headlights on.

Staying in contact in the outback is vital. While mobile phones will work in many towns, staying in contact by radio, satellite phone or carrying an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is advisable.

Please read:

Serious  Off-road caravan and tow tug.
Serious Off-road caravan and tow tug.

Pentecost River Cockburn Range.
Pentecost River Cockburn Range.

Typical Outback mustering beside good dirt road.
Typical Outback mustering beside good dirt road.