Back saver entry-level caravan mover uses high performance to set new precision parking benchmark

June 11, 2015
Back saver entry-level caravan mover uses high performance to set new precision parking  benchmark

It is rare to find the best mechanicals in the budget version of a product. Even rarer for a buyer to make a saving of up to $700 by opting for the lowest-priced model. But caravan accessory manufacturer Purple Line has launched a new caravan mover which makes its high-performance motor available on its lowest-priced mover.

Until now, these drive units have been available only on top-end models costing hundreds of dollars more. For a dual-axle caravan the saving can be as much as $700, Purple Line Director Malcolm Hill told GSA.

GSA tried the Purple Line press-button caravan mover when the Melbourne-based company celebrated its fourth birthday at the new Governor Rd., Braeside, Victoria factory and liked it.

It is no bad thing for anyone who wants to do it easy when it comes to precision parking a caravan. This is a finger-tip precision experience. GSA used the mover to trundle a camper up to and immediately above a tow vehicle ball. Another major advantage, in terms of security, is that by using the e-go Titanium entry-level caravan mover model it is possible to store a caravan in a secure parking spot with the drawbar in first. If this is in a garage or secure on three sides it makes it near impossible for thieves to hook up and tow the caravan away.

The greatest values of a design like the e-go Titanium caravan mover are first that is a back saver. Then the e-go sets a benchmark for value and performance in chassis mounted caravan movers.

This is a top quality alloy-bodied motor and gearbox which is priced at $1249. The twin units have alloy motors which save about 10kg per pair. This kind of thinking is essential if Australian built caravans are ever going to follow the obvious need for lighter production.

Proven over-centre engagement system.
Proven over-centre engagement system.

Over-weight caravans are causing accident and warranty grief for Australian owners in an environment where there are fewer serious tow vehicles as vehiclemakers move to lighter, often under-gunned Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

Malcolm Hill said a remote control mover was ideal for anyone who had to park a caravan in a tight spot anywhere, whether at a caravan park or when putting the van away at home.

Many of our customers buy movers to store their caravan in a difficult corner at home, he said.

It can make the difference between storing the van at home or paying to store it elsewhere, he said.

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