Burketown's first Morning Glory Festival rolls Sept 25 to 28

August 26, 2014
Burketown's first Morning Glory Festival rolls Sept 25 to 28

Savannah Way News reports that the first Morning Glory Festival is set for September 25 to 28 at Burketown near the Gulf of Carpentaria. The festival celebrates the unique phenomenon that is the unusual cloud formations that roll in once a year, called The Morning Glory cloud.

These clouds are so rare that most people will never see one in their lifetime. There is only onespot on earth where The Morning Glory Cloud can be predicted and observed on a regular basis and that is over the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland.

A Morning Glory cloud is a roll cloud, or arcus cloud, that can be up to 1,000km long. The clouds can be one to two kilometres high, and are often only about 100 to 200m above the ground. The Glory rolls in at speeds of up to 64kmh. Sometimes there is only one cloud, sometimes there are up to eight consecutive roll clouds.

The Morning Glory is a favourite with adventure pilots from around the world. Burketown attracts glider pilots intent on riding this phenomenon.

The inaugural Morning Glory Festival features the Burketown Races, Ranger Tours and Cultural Workshops and live concerts.. The festival is a joint partnership with the Burke Shire Council, the Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and the Burketown Rodeo and Campdraft Association.

The event has been supported by Tourism Events Queensland and Festivals Australia.

The Morning Glory Festival is a program of events for all ages including a rodeo, campdraft, live music, market stalls, photography competitions, seminars, tours and workshops.

Morning Glory on a roll.
Morning Glory on a roll.