Kids Adventures in Bright and Mt Beauty

October 21, 2016

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Bright and Mt. Beauty is an ideal destination for active families, with so many options for adults and kids alike.

Within walking distance of the town centre is the popular Splash Park, which is open every day of the year and is 100% free to the public. The park is relatively new, only 12months old following a recent rejuvenation of the banks of Mosses Creek, in theme with the old mining history of the towns.

Adjacent to the Splash Park is a Waterslide that runs into the Ovens River and is very popular on hot summer days. Next door to these two attractions are the adventure playground and the Bright Brewery, the perfect combination for family afternoon activities. All of these activities are within a couple of hundred metres of the town square and are always in popular regardless of the time of year.

If the weather is not so friendly, the kids can use up some energy at the town’s indoor swimming pool or have some quiet time at the new cinema that has recently opened. And in keeping with most things in the area, is within walking distance.

Further out of town are the Alpaca, Red Stag Dear and Emu farms, a chance for the kids to see animals up close, unplug and connect with nature. Backing on a 4WD adventure to any of these farm trips is a sure fire way for the kids to fall in love with everything the outdoors has to offer.

The area has festivals and events on every weekend, almost all year round. Each season brings a distinct festival, and with the abundance of gourmet food and wine in the area, you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. During summer a band plays every Sunday night in the park, and as with most things, it is free.

The area is so beautiful and diverse, the options available for families activities are endless.

The only problem you will have is trying to fit everything into one trip!

Local police officer and father of five Sam McIntosh shares more with us in the video above.

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