Melbourne Leisurefest shows Australia's up market camping life

October 10, 2015
Melbourne Leisurefest shows Australia's up market camping life

Pictures and words Lisa Morrison

Design compliance has Caravan Industry Association Victoria (CIA Vic.) Chief Executive Officer Rob Lucas on a mission.

CIA Vic, is notable for its established strict, 'take no prisoners' policy on industry compliance to Australian Standards.

Rob Lucas told a bevy of Media, as he sent Leisurefest into full stridelast Thursday morning, that compliance and safeguarding the best interests of caravanning industry customers has an additional sharper focus.

Scrutiny steps up on accessories, he said. The aim ASAP is that nothing gets into a CIA Vic show until it toes the compliance line.

This will be bad news for those who dump shoddy, non-compliant products into the Australian caravan and camping market, as they trade on the Australian Standards quality commitment of the majority of builders and suppliers.

Major Leisurefest sponsor Dometic triple treat new release at Melbourne Leisurefest runs off three power sources.

It uses the new Universal Energy Selection (UES) control system to pull off that useful trick.

The Dometic RM 2356 absorption refrigerator has a 95 litre capacity. The concept is convenient for caravans, motorhomes and campers.

Pioneer Campers introduce the Mitchell for serious Off-road adventurers.

The Mitchell has a heavy duty hot dipped galvanised chassis.

The Grafta independent trailing arm coil suspension is rated 2000kg with long-life Kevlar dry bushes.

It has dual Ridepro 4WD twin tube gas shock absorbers.

There is a five year structural warranty on the chassis and suspension.

Pioneer holds a Green Kangaroo accreditation, as a recognised supplier to the Department of Defence. All of the welding toits chassis and suspensions are performed by qualified welders, with written weld procedures that comply with AS1554.

With a staff of more than 75, Pioneers mission is to keep jobs in Australia.

AL-KO's Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is not a new release, but the swerve and recovery test on the main straight at Sandown drew a steady stream of Leisurefest fans.

GoSeeAustralia is a believer in the ESC automatic caravan stability safety aid.

As Editor Garth's GSA lead story reports AL-KO's latest release, the Enduro Outback Trailing Arm suspension,was at Leisurefest for the first time.

For anyone with Off-road caravan adventures in mind this well researched and engineered product is worth consideration.

I love Mitchell outdoor  kitchen.
I love Mitchell outdoor kitchen.

Opus has a new All-road Camper. It is so lightweight with a 1050kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM). It hooks up with small vehicles like the Hyundai i30. But the accommodation provided by the Opus range from Purpleline provides huge amounts of camping comfort. I used the E-go remote control mover. I was moving a camper with my finger, Forward, back and around in a circle. and its Kiwi sister site allow access to a library of Information Articles which approaches 2000. Anything held in GoSee's secure database can be found using the unique Multi-search at the top right of the Home Page.

Knock in a search word like AL-KO, Opus, CIAVic, or a persons name like Rob Lucas.

Select Information Articles under the drop-down arrow.

Click search and everything GSA and GSNZ knows about the subject is revealed.

As an exampleat the end of this Information Articleare hyperlinks to Information Articles which reflect Research and Development by AL-KO and Opus, plus a feature on the key Industry Blueprint whichhelps takecaravanning and camping in Australia forward.

Stories on GoSee do not drop out of sight once they leave the HomePage.

They are cross linked and the unique Multi-search makes them instantly available.

To boost that service Information Articles like this Leisurefest feature usually carry hyperlinks to related information.


BIG3 Tara, Daniel and Rob
BIG3 Tara, Daniel and Rob

Purpleline is big and clever.
Purpleline is big and clever.
Adriana Mason sits for first time all day.
Adriana Manson sits for first time all day.
Bailey launches new lightweight range.
Bailey launches new lightweight range.
Dometic RM2356 refrigerator
Dometic RM2356 refrigerator
I am on the fast track now.
I am on the fast track now.
Great to be at Leisurefest.
Great to be at Leisurefest.
P1010121 (Medium)
Expansive Opus Camper.
Me and Greg load  Opus Camper.
Me and Greg load Opus Camper.