What do you think rolled this caravan over and put the tow vehicle in the ditch?

November 24, 2014
What do you think rolled this caravan over and put the tow vehicle in the ditch?

What speed do you think the rig was travelling at when the caravan went into uncontrollable fishtailing?

Look carefully at the picture. There is something GSA thinks is obvious. It may not be the cause but we think it is certainly a prime suspect.

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Obviously this first trip we picture through the courtesy of the owner of what was a brand new caravan on its first outing was not a happy thing.

The best news is that nobody was injured or worse. The bad news is the driver's wife is still understandly nervous about taking the road with their new caravan and tow vehicle.

Caravan and Recreational Vehicle insurer CIL reports that in 2013 it dealt with 135 caravan rollovers. GSA spoke with CIL's representative at Bendigo and we will ask for more information.

What has GSA's attention is that of the 135 rollovers 88 percent are said to be related to loss of control and 4 percent fell off the ball. In all cases it is said the caravan began to fishtail and the driver was not able to bring it back under control.

Caravan stability is essential. This opinion is shared by credentialled engineers GSA knows and has spoken to on the subject.

GSA has full details from the owners standpoint of the accident we are asking you to comment on.

He is no Newbie his extensive towing experience is backed up by a life of heavy equipment handling as a farmer.

Please look hard at the picture. The more people who tow know about their RV's the safer and happier the experience will be. That is one thing we can all control. Garth.

Answers from theowner of the capsized caravan:

The caravan suddenly wentinto uncontrollable fishtailing at 60kmh.

GSA thinks the placement of the water tanks is a concern. So does the owner.

There was no strong wind at the time of the accident.

Rollover site between Genoa and Cann River.
Rollover site between Genoa and Cann River.